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About us
                                   ...ELEGANCE ...

..was, is and always will be the main association to the Elipsa Fashion House. ELIPSA Fashion House is just the perfect place for all the ladies with good attitude, who fully enjoy their femininity and endulge in taking care of themselves. ELIPSA models make you feel confident and full of positive vibrations. Dressing up for a special occasion, cocktail party, business meeting or casual day with your friends, there is no doubt that you love yourself when you choose ELIPSA!  ELIPSA always has a great variety of possibilities and combinations for you to choose from, feel good and be at your best!


...after more than three decades of dedicated work and effort, with two production facilities in Kraljevo and Vrnjačka Banja, led by a team of creative and innovative people, ELIPSA Fashion House has become one of the leaders in the fashion industry. The work on improving each of us as an individual makes us proud of the successes we are achieving every year, as well as the ones we are looking forward to achieving in the future.


                                                                                            ...INSPIRATION… all the good things in life derive from a simple idea, so the dress in which the ladies who choose ELIPSA feel special, was, in the beginning, just a spark of inspiration from our designers. You motivate us, we want you to feel good and radiate self-confidence. In the perfect ELIPSA dress, you will never give in to challenges - and you, our dear ladies, are an infinite inspiration to us, and our creative team of designers – they tailor their fantasies and dreams just for you.



...we are proud of being passionately dedicated to our mission – to make you, our dear ladies, dedicated primarily to yourselves. The idea of making you happy is our main leading star and  our greatest motivation. We are also especially proud of you, who recognize and appreciate our dedication and perseverance. For you and because of you, we stay faithful to our ideas and our mission.  



…when you are feeling good being yourself, when you’re positively glowing, when you are full of positive energy and walk confidently through life  - your self-confidence is the greatest reward for us -  we thrive to make ELIPSA your ally, partner and support.



...our ambition is to grow - as individuals, as a team, as a company and as a brand. We are certain that the path we have taken is the right one and we are looking forward to the future – what makes us especially happy is that our ELIPSA ladies are walking with us on our way, side by side, at the same pace and in the same rythm!



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