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Downtown fashion
Downtown fashionElipsa - modna kuca
Downtown fashion
As all the great things evolved from smaller ones, so has ELIPSA, over the past 30 years, slowly, patiently and with hard work, effort and love, grown from a small family business into today's big company with a recognizable brand. The owner and general manager of ELIPSA, Mr. Jovan Pantović, together with his wife Žana, while fulfilling her dreams and making his visions come true, made Elipsa what it is today – a company with two large production facilities in Kraljevo and Vrnjacka Banja, with more than 200 employees, as well as a design center in Belgrade, where imagination and positive energy create all the beautiful models that Elipsa proudly presents to its customers. Creating for trendy modern women, ELIPSA is making models which are comfortable and trendy. Priority is good design and quality materials, as well as top quality workmanship, which can be confirmed by all the ladies who love and wear ELIPSA models. Today, besides its 18 retail shops throughout Serbia, brand ELIPSA also has its fashion place in the countries of the region, so the ladies in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro have the pleasure of wearing ELIPSA models and feel feminine and modern. Above all, ELIPSA tries to listen to its customers and follow their desires, at the same time remaining faithful to its concept and unique and recognizable style. For ELIPSA, each new model represents a new challenge.
ELIPSA promotes its world of fashion with the ultimate desire to make the ladies who wear its models happy, feminine, comfortable and trendy. With great joy, ELIPSA today celebrates its thirtieth birthday and feels very proud that during that time, along with ELIPSA, also grew the team of its associates. The whole team today represents one big ELIPSA family, with the vision that the brand ELIPSA will continue expanding and constantly growing.



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