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Skirt Kašmir burgundy

Skirt Kašmir burgundy

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Burgundy skirt

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The burgundy Cashmere skirt is a classic and elegant skirt that will fit into any occasion. It is made of a mixture of materials, 51% cotton, 46% elastane and 3% polyester, which means that it provides comfort and at the same time allows the skirt to be easy to maintain. The burgundy color is modern and elegant, perfect for all occasions. The skirt is cut in a classic style and has an extraordinary natural fall, which makes the skirt comfortable to wear and elegant at the same time. Regardless of whether you are looking for a skirt for work or an evening out, the Burgundy Cashmere Skirt is a great choice for any occasion.

Raw material composition: polyester 51% cotton 46% elastane 3% Note: lengthwise shrinkage -1.11% widthwise shrinkage -3.20% lining 100% viscose



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